About us

VESAFE have been engaged in the R&D and manufacture over 15 years. As of now, we have cooperated with customers from over 50 countries and we are always pursuring to making high quality products and we always stand behind our product. Start to drive peace of mind, choose VESAFE!

  • Fifth Ace

    “We were quite impressed with this system. It came with clear instructions and was easy to set up. The display screen is intuitive, easy to use and just the right size for mounting on our truck's windshield. The valve sensors are small and the sensor locks are easy to install. The system worked fine the first time we used it on our truck and trailer combination (approximately 45 feet in total length) and with no loss of signal from any of the sensors. Overall, the system seems to be of high quality and we hope and expect it will hold up to use. Only time will tell.Images in this review”

  • Indiana DIYGuy

    “Purchased 4 sensor system with repeater for my 7 x 14 enclosed trailer. Charged the display unit. Programmed and installed sensors on wheels. Sensors started reading within 1 min.
    Took the trailer for a 6 hour trip and it performed perfect. I have not installed the repeater. Not sure it is needed. I also did not hook up the charging wire to the display. It seems to have a pretty good on-board battery. Window mount is not great. I just set the display on my dash (see picture). By the way, when I took the picture, my truck was in the garage, trailer is about 25 feet away in the driveway. Still picks up the sensors without repeater......Looking forward to my first (20 hour) trip to Florida to see how it performs. So far, Outstanding.
    Just completed my first long trip. Vesafe TPMS worked great! Dash unit still sitting on dash (not plugged into charger), and never missed a beat. Again, still not installed the repeater either.
    Well worth the investment for piece of mind knowing exactly how your tires are performing.“